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Jim Cissell-the Voice Guy
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Voice Demos

Phone (206) 933-8642 jim@voiceguy.com

Male voice over talent and actor Jim Cissell has provided voiceovers and professional voice-over recording services for hundreds of corporate video narrations, national award-winning radio and television commercials, documentaries, online web tutorials, and medical and surgical procedures for nearly half the Fortune 500 from his Seattle recording studio. He's the most experienced story teller in the USA.

Jim is VERSATILE - hundreds of voices that entertain, motivate, train and educate. From conversational, friendly, tender, folksy, real people, quirky, offbeat, upbeat and upscale--to high energy, authoritative, dramatic, and powerful imaging promos, movie trailers, sports and political ads. Plus impersonations, animation, characters, prime-time TV shows and series, and feature films.

FAST and EASY - super quick turnaround with in-house studio.

Relatively CHEAP-not $39, but do you really trust some disc jockey’s shot in the dark? For $200+ you can DIRECT Jim by phone patch, Source Connect, or ISDN--satisfaction guaranteed.

And Jim's FUNNY- featured on Oprah, The World’s Funniest, Now A Word from Our Sponsor, and the Daily Show. Jim's also helped write and produce hundreds of commercials and videos for greater impact and lower production costs.

On-Camera Demo

Download On-Camera Sampler

Jim Cissell is also an engaging on-camera talent, appearing in feature films like Waiting for the Light; hosting the national TV series America at Work, The Latest Procedure, and The XPlorers; national spokesperson for National Money Service and Clorox's "most successfufl new product intro ever;" entertaining educational videos; and live events for GE, Microsoft, and FLIR.


Longer Reads with Visuals

Voice Demo Links:

Sampler: play above or download file
Commercials: play above or download file
Narration: play above or download file
Promos: play above or download file
Characters: play above or download file
Political: play above or download file


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